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Nov 3, 2020

Vote Today in PA – Make a difference – Do your part

Selam All!
It's ELECTION DAY! The last day to cast or submit your votes for the 2020 election!

We thank all our fellow voters who did so in advance and encourage and urge everyone who is voting today and has already or needs to make a plan to do so to take the proper assurances for their ability to cast or submit their votes correctly and safely: double check your polling location if you need to, for our fellow #PAVoters do so at https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages/Voting-at-a-Polling-Place.aspx. For safety and protection guidelines and more info or other questions on voting at your polling place (including on provisional ballots) visit https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages/Voting-at-a-Polling-Place.aspx.

For those with mail-in ballots (for which it's far, far too late to mail!) all local polling locations DO NOT equate to drop-off locations, only bring your mail-in ballots to non-drop off polling locations if you desire to surrender them for voiding so that you can THEN cast your vote in person (see the just prior link for clarification on this and the separate provisional ballot question). To ensure a plan for correctly dropping off your mail-in ballot, check on and figure out how to get to your county/satellite election offices or closest and most convenient official drop-box locations here https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/pages/drop-box.aspx, and get to them as early as possible as some, whose times you can check at the link, will close before 8pm!

For those in need of or looking for free or discounted transportation (beyond SEPTA or PATCO) to their polling or drop-off locations, an organization called POWER (https://powerinterfaith.org/) is providing free rides to those locations for voters in the Philadelphia and larger Southeastern and Central PA areas (visit their link or call 1-844-POWERVT (769-3788) for info or to request a ride), there's also a free "Voter Express" trolley service in Philadelphia (see route map here: https://votetodayinpa.com/), and some discounts on bike and rideshare offers (which you can find rounded up in these Inquirer and WHYY articles: https://www.inquirer.com/transportation/philadelphia-election-vote-indego-uber-lyft-rides-free-discount-20201101.html; https://whyy.org/articles/by-bike-by-car-by-trolley-free-and-discounted-rides-for-philly-voters-on-election-day/).

Please VOTE, make sure you're doing so in adherence to the correct and corresponding guidelines of your county and chosen method, do so safely and securely and make sure you're allowing for- or just not impeding- others' ability to do the same. In other words: mask-up, socially distance, and DO NOT obstruct, intimidate, or in any other way attempt to illegally influence other voters. Election officials, poll workers, official poll watchers, and committee people are present at polling locations to ensure smooth and safe voting operations and adherence to law and procedure. They're there to answer our questions, address concerns, and report on any illicit behavior brought to their attention- as well as be held accountable to us and for their own behavior- so let's utilize them (appropriately and respectfully) where need be!

Stay safe and empowered!

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