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Jun 19, 2019

Sudan: Living Through a Massacre

"People, I don't think thought that they would go this far, ever. You can't really explain how someone would choose to do this to their own people. It's their own country, it's their own civilians, the people you swore to protect...

Before the massacre, I would say that the sit-ins were incredibly vibrant, colorful, artistic, beautiful...utopia really. People from all over Sudan came. And we saw a glimpse of the potential of Sudan. That our differences whether ethnic, linguistic, they don't really matter...

Even after the massacre...People are refusing to fight...with violence. We've reached past the point of violence. We are at a point where we realize that our biggest weapon is a peaceful protest."

#SudanUprising #StandWithSudan #StandForSudan #StandInSolidarity #StandInAction #StandForFreedom #StandForPeace

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